Why Startups Need Digital Marketing? What ZeroZilla Will Provide for Startups?

India is on a brink of a startup revolution. Every other day a startup is launched across different segments like textiles, manufacturing, retail, e-commerce, pharmaceuticals and other such sectors in major cities of India. Startups have the necessity of popularizing their newly launched products and services across the country with minimal cost & within stipulated time. This cannot be realized with traditional advertising mediums like print media, radio and TV broadcasts. Advertising through these traditional media is costly and less effective. Hence, the startups need digital marketing efforts, if they want their business to reach sky-high. Digital marketing methods like social media marketing, SEO, SEM, video marketing, email marketing, mobile marketing and other such methods act as a magic wand by making the product and services reach millions that too quickly at minimal costs. Let us see some of the benefits for startups in using digital marketing for growing their business:

It is Cost-Effective

Digital marketing efforts are cost effective for startups, when used for the promotion of their products & services. Startups usually lack in budget and time for which digital marketing efforts compensate for. Digital marketing methods fetch low CPL (Cost per Lead), when compared to traditional methods of marketing.

You Can Track Conversion Rates

Startups measure the effectiveness of their campaigns by measuring the conversion rate from the incoming traffic. Social media marketing, brand building, video marketing, email marketing and other digital marketing efforts deliver effective interactions with targeted audiences and result in a higher conversion rate for a startup.

Get High Revenue

SEO compliant content, email marketing, video marketing, social media marketing, SEM, PPC ads and other digital marketing strategies when used effectively can do wonders to your startup and increase your revenue. According to Google, startups have around 3 times more better chances of increasing their revenue, expanding their work force and business with coordinated digital marketing strategies.

Achieve Interactive Marketing

Some of the benefits of Interactive marketing to startups are:

  • There is an increase in customer satisfaction and experience.
  • It results in the increase of up sell rates & cross-sell rates.
  • More customers will be retained.
  • There is high marking efficiency & quick time to value.
  • You can provide personalized offers, which will increase your revenue.

Mobile Marketing

There has been tremendous increase in the number of mobile phone or smart phone users these days. Digital marketing efforts imbibe mobile marketing methodologies through mobile business apps, SMS & MMS. The startups can reach to a larger audience to get high conversion rates through their mobile marketing efforts.

You Can Develop a Strong Brand Image

With solid digital marketing efforts you can build long lasting relationships with the customers and develop a strong brand image for your startup by delivering impeccable service and gaining their trust.

As a Startup You Can Earn Customer’s Trust

By leveraging social media channels for digital marketing efforts which are supported by testimonials of the trusted customers who have actually brought your service or product earlier will increase your startup’s conversion rates. Studies have shown that more than 90% of the customers believe in a brand endorsed by people known to them.

The above listed benefits make digital marketing efforts an integral part of product & services marketing for a startup, if they want to taste success in their business endeavors.

What ZeroZilla Will Provide for Startups?

ZeroZilla is one of the leading digital marketing agencies and Software Development Companies in Bangalore also having a presence in U.S. ZeroZilla specializes in providing digital marketing services, website development services, mobile application development services and other related services to startups at nominal costs.

What Services Can a Startup Get from ZeroZilla?

  • Search Engine Optimization Services for getting higher page ranking of the startup company website.
  • Web development services which ensures the building of a new website for a startup adhering to their requirementsand get it fully running.
  • Placing PPC ads in favor of the startup in top result pages of renowned search engines like Bing, Yahoo & Google.
  • Social media marketing services to promote the products and services of the startup across Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other social media channels
  • We leverage mobile marketing efforts through our SMS & MMS campaigns for a startup company.
  • We develop suitable mobile applications for a startup’s business operations to reach a larger audience.
  • We do email marketing for the newly launched products and services of a startup by sending bulk mails to targeted audience based on a trusted database.
  • By propagating promotional videos across YouTube and conducting video marketing, we do video campaigns for the products, services and events of the startup.

Hence, I am of the opinion that startups in any industry across India & U.S can leverage the best in class digital marketing services, web development services, mobile applications development services and other such services from ZeroZilla. The highly competent and experienced working team of ZeroZilla will deliver the necessary services to any startup within stipulated time, with high efficiency and for affordable cost.