Will Social Media Marketing Be Effective for My Business Model?

Social media marketing, as the name suggests is the art of educating and promoting via social media platforms.

Certain perceptions about social media such as its casual nature, somewhat frivolous side or the idea that it caters to only a certain type of audience, may stop you from reaping the many benefits of this tool.

Though we largely see the more flamboyant industries of Travel, Entertainment, Beauty & Fashion, Food or Real Estate utilizing interactive platforms, there is actually something for everyone in the world of social media marketing.

It’s not really a matter of if you should opt for SMM, it’s more about how – using the right tools and supporting these with the most suitable content strategy.

Here are some ways in which Social Media Marketing can be beneficial to your business, no matter what it is:

Advanced Search Engine Rankings

Will Social Media Marketing Be Effective for My Business Model?

If your clients are in the B2B or B2C space and rely on the internet to get their information and identify business partners, you need to implement your SMM plans pronto! Though a well-optimized website is a basis of obtaining traffic, social media does it easily and efficiently.

Social media content is allowed to be filled to the brim with keywords, without sounding forced. Added to which, most social media platforms support high definition photography, videos, links to blogs, infographics and more to create deeper engagement with your target audience. 

So, if you have been wondering why you have not been appearing on Google’s page 1 in the search rankings, SMM may be the answer to your problems.

Wider Brand Awareness

Your brand is the most important aspect of promoting your business. Brand awareness and recognition can build over the years and create loyal customers due to the top of mind recall. But how can you ensure your brand hits every customer base without feeling too intrusive? Via social media! That’s how.

Paid ads on social media platforms are a brilliant way to attract audiences and convert them. If you’re a small business owner with limited ad spend budgets, opt for pay per click ads over any other means. 

Start one on one interactions with a wider audience than ever before by creating social media profiles and being active on these. Peak curiosity, trigger discussions, offer tips or merely keep your customers in the loop about what’s happening with your brand. They will feel like they are a part of your brand building story and when the time comes to support it, they will. Sales, reviews, testimonials all result from brand building.

Lesser Financial Burdens

If you’re new and you need to prioritize, choose SMM each time. It’s easier, quicker and more fruitful than any other online exercise.

The top advantage of social media marketing for smaller or newer businesses is that you don’t have to spend a fortune right in the beginning. You can allot a limited budget and then increase it as you get your returns on investment. Most social media platforms offer pay per click ads (as mentioned earlier) which you pay for only when a potential customer clicks on it. Conversion rates are much higher via social media as people as more open to receiving information and purchase ideas from their pages.

If you’re starting from scratch, with not a penny to spare, you can still create social media platforms and begin posting and engaging. It’s free!

Establish Authority Leadership StatusAs a B2C player, it’s important to occupy a unique position of authority, unlike any other. Social media is the perfect avenue via LinkedIn or Industry blogs, infographics and interviews to create this niche positioning and be seen against a sea of competitors.

Your audiences, aka followers, will be able to spot the expertise and be ready to offer their loyalty before even trying your product or service. Content syndication will give you insight into the type of people that are backing you and boosting your business.

Social media also allows wide and deep networking to increase your reach and build your presence across segments, locations and platforms. This, of course, requires high-quality content mixed with dedicated networking.

Create Higher Lead Generation

No marketing tool is able to master leads than SMM. First of all, with social media, you are now visible to a much wider audience than when you only had a website and some participation in trade exhibitions. Secondly, your brand is no longer elusive, it is more approachable with real people making it happen. Individuals prefer to buy from other individuals than vague brands, with no personality. It’s a human thing!

The social media environment is a high energy one. It motivates people to act, either by commenting, liking or sharing. When we introduce a brand or product into this animated situation, there are more chances of people buying and even going one step further, and recommending.

It is due to these reasons, that SMM is the essential tool in today’s digital space, for most businesses.

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