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6 Marketing Tips To Promote The Launch Of A New Car Or Bike Online

6 Marketing Tips To Promote The Launch Of A New Car Or Bike Online

Automotive marketing has leveraged sales conversions through online marketing with the use of effective lead generations strategies. Automotive showrooms & second-hand dealers use multiple online promotional channels to drive customer engagement online. YouTube Ads are a popular example of car and bike promotions online.

If you are looking to promote the launch of a new car or bike online, read on.

In this list, we will cover 6 ways to promote the launch of your car or bike online.

1.Research competitor keywords & bid for relevant keywords

Keyword research is an effective way to understand competitors online. Keyword biddingis an essential part of search engine marketing. With enough research you can outrank competition by bidding on the most frequently searched keywords for bikes or cars.

While bidding for obvious keywords like “Honda two-wheeler sales” or “new Honda bike” you also have to research competitor keywords. Enough market research will reveal the commonly used keywords by your competitors. Then, you can start bidding for these keywords on Google.

With keyword bidding your automotive dealership will be able to create ad copy that ranks higher than the competitor’s brand names.

2.Minimize negative keywords

Effective keyword research includes the management of negative keywords. Negative keywords are irrelevant search inputs that can display your paid advertisements. If your ad copy appears for a negative keyword that is not related to your business, you will lose credibility among customers. You will also be spending online advertising credits for no reason.

To identify negative keywords, you can search your search query report and assess the performance of various keywords associated to ads. For example, if you bid for “second-hand cars” and your advertisement appears in a search query for “remote control cars” you are misinforming users about your business. This will reduce the credibility and effectiveness off your online ad campaigns.

Bidding on select keywords is the solution to avoiding negative keywords. By dedicating a portion of your marketing budget to keyword bidding, you can minimize the search results for negative keywords by removing them from your search query report. It may be time consuming, but keyword planning is at the core of first-class SEO. With relevant keyword research, you can place your ads on top of search engine results for every associated search query.

When shortlisting keywords, you should understand the market performance of each keyword and bid exclusively for targeted keywords.

3.Research car and bike buying trends

A careful research of the hottest selling cars and bikes will be helpful. You can organize your online marketing budget according to the latest trends in car and bike sales.

When do more people buy cars and bikes? Which area has sold the highest number of automotive vehicles? Which spare parts are in highest demand? What age group prefers to buy your product? These are questions that will provide a valuable insight into the buyer persona of your market.

When buying a car or bike online, what is the most frequently used website? Where do most car and bike advertisements generate leads from? Which social media platform is full of gear heads? How many hours does an average person spend researching cars and bikes online? By answering simple questions, you can further your research to create a compelling online advertisement and promotional strategy. With the correct information, you can schedule your ads across high-performing online promotional channels at the exact time that your users are online.

Web analytics tools, research articles and automobile newsletters can provide valuable insight into car and bike buying trends.  Prepare your ad copy in a way that introduces the exciting features of your car or bike stage by stage.

4.Create a content strategy to collect customer data and generate leads

An advertisement or promotional video that can engage with motor enthusiasts will always pay off. The launch of Java motorcycles utilized a step-by-step content strategy that promoted various aspects of the new launch on various platforms. When designing a content strategy, you have to be consistent in engaging with prospects.

What does a content strategy can look like?

  • Close up videos of the vehicle’s special features on Social Media Ads
  • Advertising promos across multiple automotive blogs&online news channels
  • Reviews on YouTube
  • Test ride testimonials from selected customers before launch
  • First-look posters and creative forums to grow your mailing list
  • Attractive discounts, offers and online promotional campaigns
  • Influencer and affiliate marketing campaigns online
  • 3D model presentation delivered through an email marketing campaign

There are countless ways you can generate leads for the launch of your new car and bike. Exploring creative and interactive ways to collect customer data is valuable for online marketing. You can collect customer data via social media campaigns, email marketing&google forms to nurture leads into conversions.

The key is to engage prospects with catchy content that shows off the specialty of your brand, performance of your car and bike.

5.Phone calls & SMS marketing leads are easy to turn into sales

In the automotive industry, phone calls and interactive ways of communicating with your target market should be the top priority. It is easier to utilize phone contacts to generate leads online. A WhatsApp campaign can engage motor enthusiasts by with brochures, posters, promotional content and flyers.

You can source a list of contact numbers through an online lead generation campaign on social media. You can make effective use of simple forms and online bookings to collect customer data. Through automated and manual phone features you can personally interact with the market and turn leads into sales.

Offer a free test ride for the first 20 applicants on your website one month before the launch of your bike or car. Keep them in the loop and encourage referrals via SMS marketing and bulk SMS delivery. Once you have an online content promotion strategy in place, drive traffic through phone calls and follow up.

6.Offer discounts, promotional packages & encourage store walk-ins

Once you have the valuable data, you can send out catchy content that encourages viewers to visit your store. Engage with the market by offering discounts on purchase, first-look promos, exclusive events, online showcases and much more.

Once you have a keen understanding of your customer’s expectations, you can deliver an experience that will increase interest in the launch of your product. Provide personalized experiences for select customers who show interest in your bike or car. Give them a free test ride and go the extra mile to provide accessories and gifts online.

The applications of online marketing are endless, with the creative flair to match your promotional requirements. Follow these 6 marketing tips to encourage more people to support the launch of your car or bike. Make every interaction worthwhile by nurturing your leads into conversions with effective digital marketing.

Book a discovery call and find out more about how you can take the launch of a new bike or car to the next level. Become a part of the hype and generate more sales for your business now!

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